October 31, 2012

Halloween costume post: Frank from Donnie Darko inspired

In this final Halloween-themed post, I am going to do a mini tutorial showing you how you can achieve the gouged eye make-up look, aswell as how to make your very own gothic bunny ears, which were inspired by Frank from the cult-classic; 'Donnie Darko'.

Frank- Donnie Darko
I hope you have enjoyed my Halloween How-to's on D.O.E!

Part 3: Halloween costume post (Please click 'Read more' below)

The Make-up:

First off, you want to make sure you have washed your face of all dirt and make-up, so you've got a nice clean canvas to work with.
You're not going to need a ton of different products to complete this luckily, but just be sure to have some fake blood and some cosmetic glue handy!

Step one in creating the gouged-eye look is to focus on the eye first, as its easier for the glue to stick to your skin. I purchased my gouged eye from Revamp, a fancy store in Brighton, but you can make your own by following many different Youtube tutorial's on how to make your own gouged eye links here.
However I will be using the one I have already purchased.

So this is the gouged eye I purchased in the image above. Pretty gory hey!
Once you've got the eye cover out of the packing, you are going to want to have a go with lining it up to the eye you want to cover, so you know exactly what angle it needs to go on. Then take your cosmetic glue and make sure to fully cover the edges of the fake skin around the eye. This glue is very sticky, but you will need a lot. You don't want your eyeball to make an appearance now do you!
Once you've got the glue covered, go ahead and stick it onto your skin, covering which ever eye you choose to cover.
Don't worry you can still see faintly out of the covered eye, but you will have to complete to rest of the look now partially sighted from one eye. Just a heads up!
When the eye is covered you going to want to make sure its completely stuck down, otherwise you may want to add more glue around the edges, to ensure its fully stuck down.

Then go ahead with applying your make-up as normal, by adding your foundation and concealer to you face, along with any powder you might use to seal your base. 
Make sure to cover the edges of the fake gouged eye, so that the fake skin now blends in as best as it can with the foundation. This will then make it look as realistic as possible.
Once that is complete you are going to want to move onto step 3, which is the fake blood.
Cover the gouged eye with fake blood, really the more blood, all the more gory!
When you have covered you eye in the fake blood in the desired areas, start to add to it in other places of the face, so it looks like the blood its dripping. Around the mouth and side of face is a good area to go for.

You can now move onto your normal make-up again. Remember the other half of your face is still going to look very bare, so why not add some dark eye shadow, black eye-liner and mascara, to add to the gothic look.
Now your done with the eye's, its time to focus on the lips. Take a dark lipstick, it can be either dark red, dark purple or even black. This final touch will help complete the look and make you look every bit Halloween ready.

To complete the look:

So your make-up is done, but you can't leave your nails bare. Again take a dark coloured nail polish and paint both hands and toe's, if on show.

Even though I am not going to be your stereotypical Halloween bunny, I thought that fingerless lace glove would be perfect to add another gothic touch to my outfit, not to mention the lace actually matches my dress.

Every bunny scary or not, needs a tail. I purchased this one from Ebay.
However you could easily make one of your own using material or even by getting a bunch of large cotton wool buds and glue them all together, to create a over-sized cotton ball. Then just add black paint. Once it's dry take a safety pin and stick on to the back of your costume.

Other than the gouged eye, this is probably the most important part of your costume.
Since pretty much all the bunny ears on the market are for wannabe playboy bunnies or kid's, I thought why not make my own.
You will need a black headband, as you are going to attach the ears to this later, to wear on your head.
Make sure you have some black tape- I used black vinyl tape for mine. You will also need some wire. Take the wire and be sure to cut it the length you want your ears. Have enough wire that will be long enough to cover both side of one ear. When that is cut, double the wire around the add strength, and once its done, then begin to mould into shape. Make sure to leave a small amount of wire at the end, this will allow you to join the ears to the headband. 
I went for a really long, thin, jagged and creepy looking shape. 
Once the ear shape is established, take your tape and start to wrap it around your ears. Do the same for the other ear, but maybe make the shape slightly different this time. I bent mine over slightly at the ends. 
Finally when that is complete, take extra wire and thread it through the small amount of wire you have left at the end. Once connected wrap the wire around the headband, and place them the distance apart you desire. Ideally not too far apart. Then to conceal the wire, add more black tape to secure them in place, making sure to add enough so they are very strong.

Finally you are going to need a dress- I am wearing a velvet and lace dress from ASOS, which is very gothic, yet still quite pretty.
When the dress is on, add black tights and some black heels. I am wearing black studded heels, to go with the dark theme of my costume. For a final touch I added blood down my arms, writing the date of the end of the world which features in Donnie Darko.

Now your ready to go scare people!

For the final photos of my outfit, look out for my Day of the Dead post tomorrow!

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